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23. 1. 2018


Day temperatures 2/6°C, around 1000m -2°C.
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Admirers of Gothic architecture and fortification systems should not pass up a tour of the Střelniční (Firing) tower in Znojmo. The guide will take you through its interior, where you can see the unique preserved late Gothic embrasures.

The tower dates back to the 15th century and documents the evolution of the way towns were defended in the era of the Hussite wars. In the period of the Turkish threat the tower was refurbished again (1513). There are several similar towers preserved from the ring of the Znojmo town fortifications, however Střelniční is unique for its high level of historical authenticity. Originally it had a wooden gallery at the top, from which one could control a large section of the town's fortifications, as well as a tall gouged roof. The tower's main function was firing at the enemy: the defenders, protected by thick walls, inserted their fire arms (rifles and howitzers) into the embrasures and fired at the enemy attempting to breach the town wall here. From the 18th century on, the tower began to deteriorate, it was used for makeshift housing, later storage. The castle zwinger and deep moat under the tower, very nicely modified for the public today, were used by citizens of Znojmo from the 16th to a third of the 19th century as a shooting range for the town's militia. The tower's name derives from this use.

Guided tours take place daily, always at 2 PM. Those interested can purchase tickets at the box office of the Znojmo underground at Slepičí trh square or at the town hall tower on Obroková street. The price of the entrance fee is 20 CZK for adults and 15 CZK for children and seniors.


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