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It can hardly be SIMPLER to organise a school boating course with the Boat rental Dyje!!

We will help you plan the route with regard to age and ability.

Our instructors will ensure safety throughout the trip. All instructors at school events hold the licence "Instructor of water tourism", they also undergo annual training on safety and rescue in water.

We will lend you modern boating equipment - plastic canoes Vydra, four-seat Samba boats or a seven-seat rowing boat P550.

Certified life jackets, paddles, barrels.

You can set out with your things in water-tight barrels, or just go "light" - where we transport your baggage from camp to camp.


PRICE:  We will organise the school boating course exactly as you need: choose, which of our services you want us to provide to you and we will calculate the price so as to make it the best possible for you and your students.


AGE:  We can organise boating courses for children of practically all age categories:


elementary school

high school

up to college and university students


BENEFITS for your class:

Students learn how to handle a boat and learn the basics of safety on water.

They will get to know the select river and interesting sights on its banks and in its immediate vicinity.

There will be lots of games on water and on land for class teambuilding, but especially just for fun.

Spending time together on water will not only cement the collective of the class, they will also bring back many unforgettable memories!


For a detailed offer of school courses go to the website:

Infocentrum Evropská unie Kudy z nudy Vranovsko
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