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26. 3. 2019


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The cycling trail Znojmo -Chvalovice-Šatov Znojmo is mostly asphalt-surface – cycling trails and class 3 roads with little traffic, in the end, at Kraví hora just before Znojmo, the trail is a forest gravel road.  From the viewpoint of difficulty it is quite an easy bicycle tour in this direction.  With regard to stretches that require more skill or can be dangerous, this only concerns the final down slope from Kraví hora - here one should be more careful and have breaks in good working order (or simply walk downhill). The trail – like the rest – starts off from the cycling trail on the Komenského square, near the colonnade; from there it leads through Mariánské square and the street 17. listopadu to the overhead passage over the railway station.  Up to this point one should be more careful, there is medium city traffic up until Dobšice. From Dobšice, take the trail “Znojemská 5007” to the pedestrian bridge across Dyje, past the horse pastures, where one can also rent a horseback ride.   In Nesachleby, the trail leads around the Chapel on the crossroads (be more careful here), slightly uphill to the road to Načeratice, around the "Načeratický kopec" vineyard, where it connects to the cycling route through the Winery land ("Vinařským krajem"). Here, the trail turns off to the right on the village crossroads to roads where traffic is sporadic, along the cycling trail marked as 5007 “Moravian Winery”. After a while the trail goes slightly downhill to the village Vrbovec, a renowned winery destination with the vineyards "Slunný vrch", "Waldberg",  "Vinná hora" and "Šác", as well as numerous sandstone wine cellars, where both small private vintners and large viticulture companies, such as the already mentioned Viticulture Waldberg, make their wines.   After you pass Vrbovec, go right at the small bridge across the stream and take the ideally flat route through Dyjákovičky (turn right again) to Chvalovice onto trail no. 48 "Greenways Praha-Wien". Here, one must be extra careful when crossing the busy highway from Znojmo to Vienna.  Just before you cross it, there is a museum of primeval Dinosaurs, an attraction for children and adults alike, on the left in the park. There is also a large children's playground after the crossing of the busy street, just beyond the village, featuring numerous attractions, difficult to find elsewhere. From here the trail leads through the wine cellars under the vineyard Dívčí hora and past the nearby Chvalovice; to the right in the field you can check out a large infantry bunker from WWII.

In Šatov the trail comes upon one of the largest and most renowned viticulture manufacture – Znovín a.s. Znojmo, where you can arrange a tour ahead of time. Šatov is surrounded by the vineyards Skalky, U bunkru, Na vinici and Peklo. There are several restaurants and boarding houses, the Moravský sklípek cellar with its huge archive of famous people and the street Sklepní ulička, with deep sandstone passageways – testimonies of the prowess and craftsmanship of generations past - where small vintners produce their wines.  There is also a huge infantry bunker in Šatov, offering tours, as well as the famous painted cellar Malovaný sklep of the one-handed veteran. From Šatov, you can head back to Znojmo either by the peaceful romantic route over the marsh Havranická vřesoviště with the Znovín wine-tasting stand, after passing Popice, Konice and the undulating Kraví hora, you will get a magnificent panoramic view of the oldest Moravian city of Znojmo.
The alternative route from Šatov to nearby Znojmo leads by the road Znojmo-Retz, where you can't miss the renowned cellars Modré sklepy, with a truly amazing choice of vintners and unique, exceptionally extensive underground passages.  From there cyclists pass through Sedlešovice and enter Znojmo, where, on Loucká street, next to the municipal swimming pool, one can't miss the enormous dominant of the monastery in Louka.  The producer of the highest quality Moravian wines, Znovín Znojmo a.s., has underground storage halls here, and more notably a wine and cheese shop.

Trail length: 32.9 km
Trail time: 01:54:00
Upslope: 415 m
Down slope: 415 m
Minimum elevation above mean sea level: 204 m
Maximum elevation above mean sea level: 344 m
Starting point elevation above mean sea level: 293 m
Ending point elevation above mean sea level: 293 m


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