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The trail begins at Komenského square on trail 481 (Sagas and Myths), after passing the crossroads of Sokolská and Jarošova it leads down across the railway tracks to the Municipal forest. For the most part, the surface is firm, on class 3 roads or gravel roads. It's length and difficulty make it an easy trail, suitable for children ages 10 and older. From Přímětice it follows on the road Znojmo-Jevišovice (cycling trail 481) all the way to Hluboké Mašůvky, where it leads down around the campgrounds Country. There is a restaurant - Lázeňský dům - in front of the church on the square Mariánské náměstí.

The village Hluboké Mašůvky is historically one of the oldest human settlements in the Znojmo region, with extensive traditions both in archaeology, history and, last but not least significant, religion, as one of the most renowned pilgrimage sites in the Czech Republic. This spirit permeates the whole area around the village and is worth exploring in detail. Archaeological findings here include numerous unique artefacts from the Neolithic age with linear and Moravian painted ceramics and most notably renowned for the finding of the statuette of Venus in Hluboké Mašůvky. Other archaeological sites offer the Stone of conciliation and other objects of interest.
The chapel of St. Anna with an altar is located immediately to the right of the pilgrimage church of Maria de Foy, behind it is a small gallery and right next to it the Garden of meetings (Zahrada setkání), where you can also find accommodation. A pedestrian road leads around the church to the creek valley and a locality called Svatoňovec. The visitors will find a consecrated Lourdes cave there and beneath it a Holy fount with a small colonnade. If you take the road up - decorated with the coats of arms of associated monasteries, you can get to the right to the Calvary with 14 small chapels, or to the left to Virgin Mary's eight stations of the cross, leading all the way to the Monument of the fallen legionaries - a WW2 cannon next to it adds to the historic atmosphere. In the lowest part of the village, at the beginning of the forest, there is a local bathing establishment with two swimming pools.
The cycling trail Myths and Sagas leads from the square across the road, through the quiet forest valley around the creek Plenkovický potok and the romantic scenery of the mill Havlínův mlýn to Plenkovice. From there, it continues by way of the road to Kravsko, to the right of the crossroads there is a Chateau pond V koutech and above, the preserved Chateau Kravsko. From there the trail turns back to the crossroads in the direction towards Znojmo. Passing through Mramotice, there is a popular swimming establishment with a 50m swimming pool and refreshment stand.
The trail returns to Znojmo through Přímětice, where you can see the famous first lightning conductor, made by Prokop Diviš. The road from here to Znojmo is called Přímětická ulice, in the summer-time there is traffic, but at the end of the village you can turn to the Jewish cemetery and cross the footbridge near the New hospital to take the peaceful, traffic-free way to Znojmo through the Municipal forest by trail 481. When you enter the town, after a short uphill ride, there is the Lidový dům house on the left with two inns.

Trail length: 24.5 km
Trail time: 01:25:06
Upslope: 349 m
Down slope: 341 m
Minimum elevation above mean sea level: 276 m
Maximum elevation above mean sea level: 352 m
Starting point elevation above mean sea level: 293 m
Ending point elevation above mean sea level: 301 


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