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This cycling route leads to one of the most popular lookouts within reach of Znojmo, offering an interesting view of the Dyje river valley over the former Trauznický mill.   It leads from the standard starting point – the square Komenského náměstí - on the cycling route Greenways 48 Prague - Vienna. The surfaces on the route proposed are asphalt, forest road and field roads; easily manageable even in a light rain, the last stretch goes over the mountain Cínová hora (effortless gradient) over damaged asphalt and/or pebble gravel. This circuit is – thanks to its length and gradient – a very easy route, suitable even for children aged 10 years and older.From the starting point the trail leads to the Motorist Museum on Koželužská street, where you can either ride down the Tremperk 13% slope over asphalt, less skilled cyclists should take the route through the park to the square Náměstí Republiky and take a right past the Court building to the street Dyjsko-Koželužská. If an individual or group wants to start off the ride with an educational programme, it is possible to visit the Motorist Museum near the restaurant Pod obří hlavou.The exhibits in this museum will surprise every visitor through their scope and amazing restoration detail; the museum also features bicycles, motorcycles, prams and other interesting objects; bigger groups can also ask to have the giant steam engine turned on.<0} The route leads on to a forest route along the stream Gránický potok, past the restaurant Spálený mlýn to the road Znojmo-Hradiště.The gradient of the 600 meters long uphill slope does not surpass 7%, however the traffic here is light.The place called the Stronghold of St. Hyppolitus (Hradiště sv. Hypolita) is worth a stop for a half-hour tour. At the top of the slope and the first houses of the village, which boasts a history even a bit longer than that of the town Znojmo itself, turn left to the passage tunnel past the monastery of the Knights of the Cross (Křížovníků) to the chapel of St. Anthony of Padua. From here, or the 150 meters distant chapel of Elias, you get a surprising view of the unique architectural panorama of the old town of Znojmo on a steep slope over the river Dyje.The view from the retention dam Znojemská přehrada on the west, across the Šatovský railway bridge (recently restored to its original likeness) to the sluice by the Louka (Loucký) monastery.The dominants are the St. Nicholas cathedral and the town hall tower. Before you ride out of Hradiště towards Králův stolec, you can check out the archaeological site 50m to the right of the road. From Hradiště you can continue towards Králův stolec either by the road to Mašovice and than, 100m past the pond Boubínka, turn left, or go directly left from Hradiště from the leftward turn down to the cycling route 5007 – both optional routes meet at the entry to the forest, from where the marked cycling route takes you all the way to the lookout. The lookout was restored in June 2013.You can read about the lookout (Vyhlídka) and its history on the info-panel of National Park Podyjí next to the site.From the lookout, there is a view of one of the meanders of the river Dyje between Vranov and Znojmo.

The waters of the river have already risen due to the nearby dam, but if the water level is low, the former Trauznický mill surfaces under the lookout, it was later turned into an electric plant; its concrete (functional) sluices and directional sills are still there.

Before WW2, the site was a lively municipality, a road led through here along the river to Znojmo, over the bridge to the other side of the river to Konice.  A 30km route went in the other direction towards Vranov, along the left bank of the river Dyje all the way to Staré Hamry.
From the lookout, the route continues by the 5007 to Mašovice, at the edge of the village on the right you can ride your bicycle effortlessly off the road between the rocks blocking car traffic to the locally very popular site for swimming in a former stone quarry.   Thanks to its depth, this water area of about 200x150m has high quality water, absolutely clear throughout the season, coloured like seawater. However there are no social facilities, so it is suitable for a short swim and refreshment.  There are two pubs along the road towards Podmolí. You can head in this direction and read about the local pub (Hospůdka u rybníka) in the text on another cycling route that leads there.  In that case you can turn right past Mašovice to Bezkov, visit the local pub renowned for its delicious cuisine and than go on to Citonice and Znojmo. Here we should note that for 200m, the trail from Citonice to the turn-off to Cínová hora leads on the road Vranov – Znojmo, and it is necessary to be more careful on this stretch.  The actual ride across Cínová hora, which is not a mountain in the sense of terrain difficulty, is quite easy, the asphalt surface is however rather damaged and demanding on the sedentary parts of the cyclists.  The situation can improve if you use the more level edges of the road, which has practically no vehicle traffic. You will ride back to Znojmo through the town's largest gardening colony, where you can purchase fresh and cheap fruits of all kinds. When you enter the city, by the bridge over the railway, across the road from Znojmo to Jihlava (attention – vehicle traffic, including trucks), there is a large wine shop with a wide offer of wines from local, but also Lower-Austrian vintners, and very low prices to boot.  The shops offer includes flagons for the purchased wine.  This trail ends at the square Horní náměstí, in the middle of the municipal zone of silence, near the castle and rotund.

Trail length:  25.5 km 
Trail time: 01:34:34
Upslope: 467 m 
Down slope: 457 m
Minimum elevation above mean sea level: 234 m
Maximum elevation above mean sea level: 397 m
Starting point elevation above mean sea level: 292 m
Ending point elevation above mean sea level: 302 m 


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