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21. 8. 2019


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The cycling trail to the well-known lookout 80 meters above the canyon of the river Dyje is moderately difficult and suitable for families with children as well.   The way it is laid out allows choosing a less difficult circuit by first going through Znojmo down to Dyje and than on to Sedlešovice or Nový Šaldorf on the left or right embankment of the river.  From here take the road past Modré sklepy, which turns to Konice after the railway pass, avoiding the difficult climb up to Kraví hora. This climb cannot be avoided if the route is taken in the opposite direction; the uphill slope to Kraví hora has a 13% gradient.  The surface is half-half asphalt and dry gravel, with the exception of 3 short stretches through the forest over Konice. As regards natural scenery, the trail offers views of the marsh on Kraví hora with a panorama of the historical stronghold Hradiště sv. Hypolita and Znojmo nad Tremperkem, a stretch of forest over Konice, another stretch through a forest from Popice to the Charles Sealsfield lookout, the marsh Havranická vřesoviště and finally the asphalt stretch in lower Znojmo with the Municipal swimming pool and Louka monastery, as well as extensive wine cellars and year-round wine tasting at Znovín a.s. The sequence of these destinations depends on which way you choose to take the trail.  Most of the cycling trails lead along the Route of six cities, sagas and myths; to get to the lookout one must turn off to cycling trail 5001 in Popice. The route to the lookout, or from it, leads through the unique marshland Havranická vřesoviště, a habitat – the only place where many kinds of fauna and flora from all over central Europe survive to this day.  If you are interested in partaking of refreshments in local restaurants or pubs, in Havraníky you will find more options than in Konice and Popice, there is also a seasonal wine-tasting stand with Znovín wines near the village.  If the weather is exceptionally clear (especially in autumn-time), you can see the huge mountain formation Rax in the Alps, with its 2060m tall mountain Schneeberg, from the hill with the chapel overlooking Havraníky.    The Sealsfield rock lookout itself is quite unique; visitors can look from an unexpected height straight down into the Dyje river canyon at the small meander under the rock Býčí skála on the opposite bank.

The whole area is part of the protected zone of the National Park Podyjí, visitors are expected to be considerate to the locality, preserved from the days of Karel Antonín Postl, the oldest of eleven children of the local farmer and bailiff Postl, who lived in house no. 60 in Popice. Since his early childhood, this nature-lover used to sit on his stone (pre-empting his book with a bit of imagination) - you can find this stone (inscribed) to the right of today's lookout. His adventurous nature led this man as far as America, where he eventually became one of the most successful writers under the pseudonym Charles Sealsfield. His favourite genre were “Indian adventures”; he portrayed his themes so vividly that the American public had a hard time accepting the truth about the famed author's roots, exposed after his death.  One should note here that the renowned Karl May adventure books only appeared 50 years later.  An indeed interesting fate awaited Karel Postl, who started off in life as a grammar school student in Znojmo, a priest and later secretary of the order of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star.

Trail length: 17.4 km
Trail time: 01:08:54
Upslope: 284 m
Down slope: 358 m
Minimum elevation above mean sea level: 209 m

Maximum elevation above mean sea level: 388 m
Starting point elevation above mean sea level: 293 m
Ending point elevation above mean sea level: 219 m


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