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This trail is considered a “classic” in the minds of the pioneers of cycling in the Znojmo area. The terrain covers good asphalt in stretches, forest roads and gravel pebble stretches.  You can take this trail even when it's rainy. Before the network of cycling trails was developed, it was this circuitous route through the popular vineyard Šobes that was taken by cyclists for the most part.  Firstly it was because of the renowned Šobes vineyard, with the highest status of protection in Europe, but also because if you choose to go in the direction Znojmo-Gránice-Podmolí-Šobes-Znojmo, the route is quite pleasant, of medium difficulty, with only two rather steep downward slopes (Šobes and than Kraví hora before Znojmo).  If you take it in the opposite direction, do not bring along weaker cyclists, because the said downward slopes turn into 18 and 13 percent gradient upward slopes.  Naturally, you can also push your bicycle along on these stretches.

From Komenského square, the cycling trail leads along the cycling route down through the park to the Republiky square and than right to the Court building to the Koželužská street, towards the river Dyje. You will pass along the bridge over Dyje to your right, where you will ride up to the Motorist Museum, featuring an utterly unique exhibition of motor technology, prams, bicycles and historical artefacts; unexpected in scope and absolute precision.  Just past this exposition, on Pod Obří hlavou street there is a pub for cyclists of the same name (“By the giant head” in English – transl. note), with pleasant seating on the river bank, boasting a great selection of meals and drinks.
The trail continues to Gránický park, where it leads along the Gránický stream, 2km further you cannot miss the mill Spálený mlýn, a stylish pub with beach volleyball and a lovely children's playground. The cycling route continues through Gránice by way of trail 5000 all the way to Citonice through a forest, with one stony surface up-slope stretch of 50m, technically a bit more difficult; from then on the trail is easy.  When you exit the forest, turn left and than go slightly uphill to Bezkov - on asphalt surface.  The pub U Drbalů is famous for its peerless schnitzels (Bezkovskej schnitzel), also at a very good price.

A slightly cracked asphalt road leads to Podmolí, there is hardly any vehicle traffic, so it only takes a quarter of an hour to get to the pub Hospůdka u rybníka. The said “refreshment stop” is highly popular among cyclists, namely for its occasional weekend programmes and the autumn Great pig-roast (Velká zabijačka), which deserves its attribute in full.  (5 pigs, 800 sausages and pudding, 200 collared pork servings, everything as it should be; knees of pork and monster-sized steaks and other high-caloric delicacies).  One should, however, arrive early in the morning.
From Podmolí, the trail leads past the impressive log cabin of the National Park Podyjí to a crossroads of forest roads “U milíře” (“At the charcoal kiln”), from where a left turn takes you on to Greenways 48 with a rather dangerous downhill slope (18%) to the lookout “9 mlýnů” (“9 mills”). From there another rather tricky downhill slope takes you all the way to the Šebes vineyard, and a wine-tasting stand of Znovín a.s., open during the season. Even though the surface is asphalt, one shouldn't underestimate this downhill ride - you can see a memento here on the foothills in the form of a stone stele (JŠ) for a cyclist, who died here after a high-speed collision with a roe deer.
From the Znovín stand there is another short downhill slope over uneven large stone tiles, after that the road is easy, with a ride across the cable bridge over the river Dyje. From the bridge go to the left along the river (a short distance to the right from the cable bridge there is a spring called “Gruberova studánka”).  The trail leads uphill only past the sluice-gate Baštův mlýn, to the right towards the crossroads u Henykovy chaty, where it turns back to the left into the forest, going in the direction towards the marsh Havranická vřesoviště.   On a small hill, there is a little chapel with a view of the lowlands; if the visibility is good, one can see as far as the Rax massif in the Austrian Alps on one side and practically opposite the double-peaked mountain Pálava near the Moravian Mikulov. There is another wine-tasting Znovín a.s. stand (summer-autumn season) over Havraníky, where you will also find good restaurants.


Trail length: 28.6 km
Trail time: 01:49:35
Upslope: 688 m
Down slope: 688 m
Minimum elevation above mean sea level: 216 m
Maximum elevation above mean sea level: 421 m
Starting point elevation above mean sea level: 293 m
Ending point elevation above mean sea level: 293 m 


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