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25. 9. 2018


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Focus: educational and relaxation trail, learning about rare and endangered animals and plants
Panels: 1 panel
Marking: none
Route: 5,4 km, easy terrain, part of the route runs across a field then it goes through the valley of Příční creek (protected area NATURA  2000, along the pond banks of Horní Karlov, Prostřední Karlov and Božický pond, nature preserve Karlov)

1. Large educational circuit (total length 5,4 km): from the railway station building - Božice u Znojma stop – towards the east (approx. 350 m following the railway hill) then turning to a narrow trail Northwards is a field path towards the east again, running across a leafy forest to the outline of the nature preserve Karlov.  Follow the preserve circuit to Prostřední Karlov pond dam where the Hraběcí Spring can be found on the right side under the dam dated A.D. 1810. Continue walking on the dam‘s crown and at the end turn left. Take the comfortable path in the forest and along the valley meadow of the Příční pond to the Horní Karlov pond. There is a tree stand on the other side of the dam where you can quietly observe local fauna. Further on the field trail goes up- current along the meandering stream up to a farmhouse, where you cross the road number 397 connecting townships Hrádek and Božice.  A paved trail leads to the Božický pond dam, where many quite nice relaxation places can be found. Behind the dam the trail continues to the south along a young pine growth to a broad paved field trail. Turn left and continue east along the railway tracks and back to the starting point of the educational trail.

2. Karlovský educational circuit (total length 4,3 km): from the railway station - Božice u Znojma stop – towards the east (approx. 350 m along the railway embankment), subsequently turn left to a narrow path north, on a wide field track east running through a leafy forest leading us to the outline of the nature preserve Karlov. Right before that take a sharp turn north and after approx. 100 m go up to the dam Horní Karlov, which is a very suitable place for observing the breathtaking nature setting of the Příční pond valley with its wild life and activity on the water surface of both ponds. Walk further on the dam top and turn east and go by a field track to the Prostřední Karlov dam. Hraběcí Spring with assignation A.D. 1810 is located on the other side of the dam on the left. Following the field track towards South continue along the nature preserve Karlov and circle the whole pond back across the Horní Karlov dam reaching a nice field track running along the meandering stream Příční potok westward. Behind a farmhouse turn left following a local road to the starting point of the trail. 

 3. Božický educational circuit (total length 2, 2kms): from the railway station - Božice u Znojma stop – towards the west crossing the road nr. 397 connecting townships Hrádek and Božice continue on to the paved field track. After approx. 400 m turn right following the edge of a young pine forest and then head north. After 300 m the pine forest changes to a leafy one leading to the southern brink of the revitalised Božický pond where several nice relaxation places are located.  Take a sharp turn right and across the field track that runs along the Příčný potok current, continue walking in the leafy forest to the road nr. 397. Follow this path back to the starting point of the educational trail.

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