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25. 9. 2018


Day temperatures 9/13°C, around 1000m 2°C.
Night temperatures /°C.


Educational trail „With Salamander Across Gránické Valley!“


As the trail title suggests, the tour guide is a Salamander named Hugo. Just follow the markers where he is pictured and you will pass the whole path safely.  Furthermore the trail is connected to the historical centre of the town Znojmo and a tourist train stop is near the trail.


And what awaits you?

Right by the entrance to the educational trail you can symbolically ring a wooden clinker. For the smallest visitors there is a children‘s nature playground nearby, where your kids can, with your assistance, test their wits and skills. They can also see where the North pole is or which animal matches them best in height. This park was built from naturally recyclable material – wood from our woodlands, where we farm in a permanently sustainable way. Even seats and trashcans are made of wood.

Then the first stop awaits you and following the markers you will reach the last seventh stop.

On the trail there are wooden, larger-than-life sculptures of the common types of forest animals and by the mushroom panel you will certainly not miss the nearly meter high amanita. A great snake coils by the arbour where you can relax for a while and put away your bike in an original bike-holder in the shape of a hedgehog.

Kids can test their knowledge of animals and wood types on the wooden pexeso (matching tiles game - transl. note) and a panel with birds provides samples of how each bird sings through the mobile application Forest of Knowledge and kids can try to find dummies of these birds above in the surrounding tree crowns.

And if you were not lucky to see Hugo the salamander anywhere along the trail, don't panic! Close to a fourth panel is a three meters high Hugo, even though just a wooden one. 

Trail length: 2, 4 km

Number of stops: 7 information panels (1. introduction panel, 2. geological panel, 3. protection of the nature, 4. salamander, 5. mushrooms, 6. birds and 7. woods)

Starting point: entrance to the Gránické valley from the river Dyje, or from Krammer´s villa

Coordinates:  48°51´42“ N, 16°1´46“ E

Terrain: easy, flat terrain, suitable for families with kids and seniors



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