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23. 9. 2019


Day temperatures 17/21°C, around 1000m 8°C.
Night temperatures /°C.




As far back as the Austro-Hungarian empire, Znojmo was called the "Pearl of southern Moravia", and not in vain. The old motto endured and shall be revived! Today, Znojmo is once again a city in bloom with additional quality attributes (pun on highest quality Czech wine appellation "s přívlastkem" - transl. note)!! Thus tarry no longer, dear visitor, and set out on a journey of exploration of the town and its environs. Znojmo is just like its renowned wines – once you taste them, you will feel a perfidious need to sample it again and again. You shall be most sincerely welcome!

The presented collection of texts Seventy-Seven Wonders in Znojmo will surely serve as a tool for choosing localities that are definitely worthwhile to see, and as a reliable source of information for you, dear visitor. It is a selection of the most interesting sights that Znojmo boasts, which you might otherwise miss out on when exploring the city.

Infocentrum Evropská unie Kudy z nudy Vranovsko
Jihomoravský kraj Znojmo ROP Jihovýchod Vinařský fond Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna Regionální noviny Znojemsko 5 + 2 Znojemský týden Znojemské listy Znojmo žije