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The ruins of a former hunting castle from the 14th century, on a promontory overlooking a prominent coiled meander of the Dyje river. It is situated in the National Park Podyjí, accessible from the villages Podmolí or Lukov, but only on foot or by bicycle. The tour takes 40 minutes, the intervals between tours are 30 minutes. Accessible part: exterior area, castle moat, and two castles. Foreign language commentary is available in German and in English. Parking for buses approx. 3 km distant in the village Lukov. Parking for cars: in Podmolí on the village square, by the pond (4 km from the ruins), in Lukov (3 km), Motorists with disability certificates can park at an unattended lot near Příčky (2 km from the ruins). 


The Nové Hrady ruins are open from May 1st to September 30th

May and June daily from 10 AM to 5 PM  
July and August daily from  10 AM to 6 PM  
September only Saturdays, Sundays and state holidays from 10 AM to 5 PM 

The last tour begins one hour before closing time.
Lunch break from noon to 1 PM.


Full entrance fee 60 CZK.

Reduced entrance fee 40 CZK (children from 6 to 15, students up to 26 years of age (daily studies), seniors from 65 years of age and holders of the following certificates or passes - ZTP (upon reaching the age of 18), ISIC, EUROBEDS Czech Tourist Club, EURO type Student, Czech hostel association card).

Free of charge for children up to 6 years of age, aside from organised groups, disabled youths under 18, disabled visitors (ZTP/P) and their accompaniment, as well as the holders of the following certificates and cards - National Heritage Institute card, National Heritage Institute former employee card, ICOMOS card, ICOM card, card of the Association of Czech Museums and Galleries, accompanying pedagogues and supervisors of organised children's groups, maximally 2 per one group, and also journalists upon prior notification of the building administration. 

Extra fee for foreign language tour - for visitors paying full entrance fee 60 CZK, for visitors paying reduced price entrance fee 40 CZK. 

Extra fee for tour outside opening hours in the season - for visitors paying full entrance fee 60 CZK, for visitors paying reduced price entrance fee 40 CZK. 

Extra fee for tour outside the season - for visitors paying full entrance fee 120 CZK, for visitors paying reduced price entrance fee 80 CZK.

Lending of foreign language texts in English and German free of charge.

Payment is only possible in cash in Czech currency or €.



Telephone:  +420 515 296 215
fax:         +420 515 282 080
Address:             Ruins of Castle Nový Hrádek


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