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21. 8. 2019


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The oldest of castles, founded 1061-67 as a fortress to protect the southern border of the Přemyslid state. Inhabited until 1945. Today's likeness dates back to the reconstruction in the years 1825-63. A collection of numerous zoo-preparations, the most popular is the collection of fifty stuffed dogs of various breeds, the largest of its kind in the world. The Armoury (Zbrojnice) - since 2003, a selection of the most significant exhibits is on display after 33 years. The armoury contains various medieval weapons, as well as superb works of art by 17th century gunsmiths. The core of the oriental section is devoted to objects from Islamic lands.

 Opening hours


Opening hours


Opening hours

(hours from / until)

 Start of last tour

and October

Saturdays, Sundays
and state holidays

9 AM to 4 PM

3 PM

May, June and September 

Tuesday to Sunday and state holidays

9 AM to 5 PM

4 PM

July and August 

 Tuesday to Sunday
and state holidays

9 AM to 6 PM

5 PM

Tours start at every full hour, the first tour starts at 10 AM.


Frequency of tours (starting times of tours):

April and October - every full hour

May, June and September - every 30 minutes

July, August - every 10 - 20 minutes

Lunch break:

Box office - tickets are sold non-stop, there is no lunch break. 

Lunch breaks of guides in July and August from noon to 12:30 PM, the last tour before the lunch break starts at noon (exceptionally at 12:10 PM). The first tours after the lunch break are at 12:50 PM. Exceptionally the lunch break is skipped if there are many interested visitors.          

Lunch breaks outside the main season (May, June, September) from noon to 1 PM. 

Lunch breaks in April and October from noon to 1 PM.         


Telephone: +420 515 294 622
Address:             State Castle Bítov
                Bítov 1
                67107 Uherčice


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