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26. 3. 2019


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Renaissance château with Baroque and Classicist adaptations on the site of a Gothic fortress. There are 5 courtyards in the complex, residential and farm premises, gardens and freely accessible parks. The tour circuit I WEST WING representative salons with mobiliary, NORTH WING passing through devastated premises to the banquet hall. SUMMER DINING ROOM and vaulted salon in the old chateau. CHATEAU CHAPEL.  



June:  Saturdays and Sundays.
July and August:  daily except Mondays.

Visiting hours
9:30 AM – 5 PM, last tour of the interior at 4:15 PM.

Outside opening hours
tours are only possible upon prior arrangement with the chateau administration for groups of minimally 10.



Regular entrance fee (circuits A and B unified price)  / 1 circuit
Full:             70 CZK
Reduced:      45 CZK
Family:  185 CZK  (max. 2 adults and max. 3 children up to 15 years of age)

Children up to 6 years of age in organised group tours:  10 CZK

Organised school children groups: 30 CZK

Outside opening hours
Full:          100 CZK
Reduced:      70 CZK
Family:  270 CZK

Foreign language commentary  (EN and GER occasionally)
Full:              90 CZK
Reduced:       60 CZK
Family:  240 CZK
Lending of foreign language texts (English and German): free of charge

Photography in the interiors during the tour:  50 CZK

Special tour for wedding  parties with option of non-commercial photography (groups of max. 30 people):  500 CZK

Discount from entrance fee
Those eligible for a reduced entrance fee:
children from 6 to 15 years of age, students up to 26 years of age, seniors over 65, holders of ZTP card, ISIC card, EURO 26 youth card - only the STUDENT type, Endangered children's fund card, and holders of cards and passes under contracts concluded with the directorate general of the National Heritage Institute.

Entry free of charge
Those eligible for entry free of charge:
children up to 6 years of age outside of organised groups, holders of ZTP/P pass, ICOM card, ICOMOS – only personal passes, Association of Czech Museums and Galleries, employees of the National Heritage Institute + 3 family members.
Journalist have free entry upon prior notice, confirmed by the chateau administration, for the purpose of documentation or writing a story, not for regular tours.

All visitors claiming discounts or free entry must present documents without being asked to.

Telephone:        +420 515 298 396
Cellular:               +420 607 650 192

Address:             State Chateau Uherčice
                            67107 Uherčice u Znojma

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