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Weather today:

28. 3. 2020


Day temperatures 12/16°C, around 1000m °C.
Night temperatures /°C.




The icon of the Znojmo panorama 

The forecastle of the Znojmo castle, with its dilapidated farm buildings, former ducal chapel of St. Catherine and Loupežnická tower were handed over by emperor Joseph I to the hands of the Znojmo town administration in 1710. Ten years later the town councillors of Znojmo decided to found the town's brewery on this site. Originally, the building was small and square, built along the northern fortification wall. A large garden was founded on the space between the new brewery and the Loupežnická tower, a favourite meeting place for local nobility. Prior to the mid 19th century, the brewery was bought from the town by the Maural family, which undertook a full-scale reconstruction and expanded the brewery complex to the south in 1864-1872. The author of the project was Josef Unger. In the following decades the brewery was further modernised by the renowned Znojmo architect Josef Sweighofer. The construction work along with beer brewing had a fatal impact on the structural stability of the late Romanesque Loupežnická tower, which used to guard the entrance to the Znojmo castle. In 1892 it suddenly collapsed. After the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic, Maural's brewery fused with Wotzilka's brewery (Upper periphery) and the creation of the private First Znojmo brewery and malt house (První znojemský pivovar a sladovna). After World War 2 the communists nationalised the company. The brewery returned back to private ownership in the 90ies of the 20th century. Today, the production of the Znojmo beer Hostan (named after the first renowned maltster of the 14th century) is in the hands of the joint stock company Starobrno. The brewery buildings are an inherent part of the Znojmo panorama silhouette and, although it is an industrial development, serves as proof of the sensitivity and taste of manufacturers in the cavalier period of the late 19th century – the wonderful belle epoque.

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