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Welcome to the Seventy Seven Wonders of Znojmo!

Just like the ancient world had its seven unsurpassable wonders, so Znojmo – the third most important historic city of Moravia – has also a lot of jewels to boast about. And to name only seven of them would be too humble and modest… So let us rather say Seventy Seven! Does it seem too much? One day to get around this city is certainly not enough! Come and see Znojmo properly!    

The attractiveness of Znojmo, above all else, lies in its very location. It stands on a high rock above the Dyje River, in the places where the last slopes of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands melt into the large plains of the South Moravian Lowlands. One can feel traces of history on every step. As a mighty fortress and a prosperous trading point it was a valuable jewel in the hands of the kings of Bohemia and margraves of Moravia. Since the 11th century the importance of Znojmo has been accentuated by the Austrian frontier, which now lies just a few miles to the south, and its location on the medieval road connecting Prague and Vienna. The former power and glory of the city is still to be seen on numerous sights and places of interest, forming something like a book of all architectural styles: Znojmo Castle with a Baroque chateau and the Romanesque St Catharine Rotunda, one of the Czech national cultural monuments, or the spectacular Gothic St Nicolas Church and another half a dozen churches and monasteries including the huge Premonstratensian Louka Abbey. More than any other city in Czechia, Znojmo is the best living example of what life in a 16th century Renaissance Moravian city was like. There are a lot of burgher palaces to admire in the city, dating back to that period. And high above all roofs, there is the slim Town Hall Tower – looking down proudly and lordly at the city – there is no other genuine landmark like that.

Sunny and lofty courtyards and elegant medieval halls, the so called “maashauses”, allure thirsty visitors to sit down and have a drink, while the mysterious medieval subterranean labyrinth promises some great adventure. And let us not forget that Znojmo is a renowned wine centre too – just taste some excellent Moravian wines in one of picturesque wine cellars on the outskirts of the city! And those who have had enough of city life can take a rest under the trees in one of the city’s lovely parks or set out on a trip to explore the unspoilt countryside of the Podyjí / Thayatal National Park.

The following text compilation of the Seventy Seven Wonders of Znojmo may come in handy to all visitors who desire to learn what things in the city are worth seeing. You can feel confident - this guide and the attached map will show you round the city no matter if you plan to stay for a day or a week. 

It was not for no reason that people as early as in the 19th century would call Znojmo “the Pearl of South Moravia”. Let this old slogan be revived for it has proved to be absolutely correct! You see Znojmo has become again a flourishing City of Virtue!! Do not hesitate, our dear visitor, to set out on a breakthrough journey in and around the city! Znojmo is like its famous wine – if you taste it, you will feel like getting to know it more and more, again and again. Welcome to Znojmo, be our guest!

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