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The Way of the Cross and St Anthony of Padua’s Church

11. The Way of the Cross and St Anthony of Padua’s Church


- A giddy journey up the rock –


The Granice Valley, which separates St Hippolytus Mount (Hradiště) from the medieval city of Znojmo, remained deforested for strategic reasons until the second half of the 19th century. Before 1662, Thomas von Schlesin, the then provost of Hradiště and a counsellor to Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, had one of the first Baroque buildings in Znojmo built on the top of St Hippolytus Mount, overlooking Znojmo Castle and the medieval city opposite. This small oval church was consecrated to Saint Anthony of Padua and the consecration ceremony was officiated by Cardinal Ernest Adalbert Count von Harrach, the Archbishop of Prague. In the same period, on the edge of the valley, not far from the church, a new St Elias’ Chapel was built. St Anthony of Padua’s Church soon became a popular place with pilgrims from far and wide. The old path climbing up the slope of the Granice Valley towards the church was supplemented with fourteen small Stations of the Cross. In 1992, this Way of the Cross was reconstructed and some new works of art were added to the niches of the stations.    

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