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17. 2. 2020


Day temperatures 10/14°C, around 1000m 2°C.
Night temperatures /°C.




- A romantic riverbank inviting to walks –

The ford over the Dyje River below Znojmo Castle existed in the Early Middle Ages. The Stone Mill was built there, which at the beginning of the 20th century was replaced with the Municipal Water Power Station (now Car Veteran Museum and the adjacent restaurant). In the 15th century a bridge was built in the place of the ford. In the following centuries the bridge was reconstructed several times (damaged by floods etc.). The riverbank below Znojmo (what is now Koželužská Street) used to be filled with shanties and small houses which belonged to fishermen and paupers. There were also tanners and skinners’ workshops there, which would not have done without plenty of water. It is quite interesting that the right to fish in the river below Znojmo belonged to the Abbot of Louka in the Middle Ages, not to burghers. In 1834 the Dyje Quarter was incorporated into the city. At that time a swimming pool had just been established further up the river. It was called “Below the Giant’s Head” (the Giant’s Head is a remarkable rock on the slope below Hradiště) and undoubtedly it belonged to the most beautiful open-air public pools in the world. Tourism flourished in the Dyje Quarter at that time, new inns and pubs were opened. However, after 1945 life in the Dyje Quarter slowed down; the German-speaking citizens were expelled and in the 1960s the Znojmo Reservoir was built, burying the wonderful old swimming pool under water. Today the Dyje Quarter is an ideal place for a relaxing walk by the river. We may start below the Villa Krammer and finish at the Louka Abbey by a romantic weir.


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