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Current weather

Weather today:

21. 8. 2019


Day temperatures 19/23°C, around 1000m 10°C.
Night temperatures /°C.






Adventure in the treetops

Four to nine meters high rope park with seventeen obstacles, located on the beach of the Vranovská dam.


For the adventurous

Rappel down a fourteen meters high suspended bridge.


Team orienteering

Game is intended for groups of five to ten, aiming at landscape orientation, dealing with problematic situations and effective communication between participants.

Boating expedition

Searching for clues on the Vranovská dam surface with the help of a map, compass and canoe or a rowboat.


Sporting afternoon for anybody

Traditional and non-traditional sport games – volleyball, ringo, petanque, bollo ball, molkky and more.



Vranov Crisscross

Clary’s Educational Trail, Vranov Castle Tour and an Excursion of the Hydroelectric power plant underneath the dam. Everything served in a non-traditional way.


Znojmo Tour with Catherine or how we used to live in the Renaissance

Tour of the Royal city of Znojmo in an entertaining way in period costumes.




Vranov Conquest


Complete two-day programme during which the participants will visit the most interesting places in the Vranovská Dam neighbourhood, the castle and the hydroelectric power plant, measure forces in unusual disciplines, test their courage in the rope park and work with a map and a magnetic compass during team orienteering games both on water and land. During the whole programme the contestants are performing point tasks. The game is intended for teams of five to ten players that are competing with each other.


Programme Content:

◦  Clary’s Educational Trail

◦  Vranov Castle

◦  Hydroelectric Power Plant Tour

◦  The Night Trail of Courage

◦  The Rope Park

◦  Team Orienteering Run

From Znojmo to Vranov – educational and sportive


Educational and sport tour to experience history and exercise. The townswoman Catherine guides you to the most poetic corners of medieval Znojmo. After crossing to Vranov there follows a sightseeing boat trip of the “Moravian Adriatic”. For the next day we have prepared competitions in various disciplines like rope and adrenalin activities, group games, team contests and water sports.


Programme Content:

◦  Znojmo tour in period costumes

◦  Boat trip

◦  Evening programme

◦  Sport activities




◦  Hydroelectric power plant tour

◦  Karaoke

◦  Mountain bike rental

◦  Boat trip on the Vranovská Dam

◦  Evening Entertaining Programs

◦  Renting of boats, four-wheelers, canoes and other

◦  Renting of four-wheelers

◦  Night tour of the city of Znojmo with torches

◦  Cycling Trip with a guide though the National Park Podyjí


During all of the programmes we provide accommodation in cottages or boarding houses and catering.

Programmes are lectured by professional instructors and teachers and we use only certified climbing equipment.


Contact us for current programme information, including detailed descriptions, dates, booking and prices 

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