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21. 8. 2019


Day temperatures 19/23°C, around 1000m 10°C.
Night temperatures /°C.


Sealsfieldův kámen – Popice – Znojmo


Trail distance: 13 km

A walk to a popular lookout over the canyon of the river Dyje begins and ends by the guidepost Znojmo-the river Dyje Valley (Znojmo – Údolí Dyje). From this valley situated under Caroline’s Gardens (Karolininy sady) follow the yellow painted marking all the way to Sealsfield’s Stone (Seasfildův kámen). Five kilometres long part on picturesque forest road will lead you up and down alongside the current of the river and gradually take you to the rocky lookout 80 metres above its meanders. There you can enjoy the unique view of the river Dyje canyon and admire the untouched beauty of National Park Podyjí. From the guidepost Sealsfield’s Stone (Seasfildův kámen), the trail follows green painted marking to welcoming vineyards of Popice. The last four kilometres long passage follows red painted marking from Popice. Firstly, you will go through Konice and then you will go over Cow Hill (Kraví hora)–there is a beautiful panorama view of Znojmo–to get back to the guidepost where your walk began. More ambitious tourists can extend their trail and follow the yellow painted marking from Sealsfield’s Stone (Seasfildův kámen) to the guidepost Under New Path (Pod Novou cestou) and then past former Mill Papírna (Mlýn Papírna) to Judex’s Mill (Judexův mlýn). After that, follow the red marking over Havraníky Moorland (Havranické vřesoviště) to Popice where you re-join the original trail. This option is 8,3 km longer.  

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