When the old provisional city theatre located in the Clarisse chapel had become very dilapidated, the City Council resolved to build a new one on Republic Square, which was to meet all modern demands and strict technical requirements. In 1899 they the councilmen commissioned the renowned Viennese architect Alexander Graf to engineer the project. Construction work went smoothly, so in September 1900 Znojmo could celebrate the opening night. The new theatre building was in all aspects Znojmo’s big pride. It had electrical lighting, telephone and up-to-date air-conditioning. Architect Graf had used here some elements of his previous project – the Emperor's Jubilee City Theatre (now Volksoper) in Vienna. The quite austere Neo-Renaissance style used on the facade contrasts with the lavish golden Neo-Rococo stuccoes and velvet upholstery inside. The theatre also boasts a remarkable painted curtain. In 1992-2000 the whole building went through a major restoration.


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Znojemská Beseda
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