The Classic sightseeing route through the historical underground of Znojmo educates adult pilgrims or adventure-lovers as well as children. Plunge, without fearing for your own fate, into the places where medieval warriors entered only with much fear. The contemporary designers have prepared for you an atmosphere of history in an authentic package but by means of the top-modern technologies and featuring a scenery of sounds and lights created in the twenty first century.


On fourteen stops you will see coffins with skeletons of the dead, torture instruments together with haunted criminals, preying monk, orcs and many others.


The about an hour long excursion is a mysterious performance of dramatic scenes in historical underground sceneries of the city although it is a route appropriate for adults as well as for children. So do not hesitate to immerse yourself into the city under the city, its streets under streets and spaces under medieval houses that used to save the lives of the local people, and took the same without mercy from their conquerors...


The sightseeing circuit „Mysterious underground of Znojmo“ was awarded the prize of the portal Kudy z nudy /Far from Boring/ in the category „Studies“ in the year 2009, and became also the total winner of the year 2009.


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