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Let yourself be swept of your feet by the tastes that Znojmo offers. It is not only wine, beer and gherkins what makes the city famous and unique. Znojmo is mainly a place where you can be touched by history. Get to know its romantic places, one of the largest underground labyrinths in the Central Europe or many more significant landmarks. Even the surrounding nature will enchant you, a target of many tourists, cyclists and paddlers. Enjoy the beauties of National Park Podyjí or fruitful vineyards around the city. Or you can visit some of the cultural events that are held here during the year. In Znojmo, you can taste the experience by all senses.


Znojmo is the heart of Znojmo Sub-Region and it takes pride in establishing the first appellation system in the Czech Republic VOC Znojmo—Wines of Original Certification—which labels wines according to their place of origin. For Znojmo region, the typical grapes are Sauvignon, Riesling Rhine and Grüner Veltliner. The tradition of wine-growing and wine-making reaches as far as 9th century. The all-present vineyards and wine cellars in the surroundings of Znojmo are an ideal opportunity to experience them. The most recognized one is Šobes, it is located in the area of National Park Podyjí above the picturesque meanders of the river Dyje.


Znojmo is mostly known as the town of wine, however, beer has belonged to it for centuries as well. The beer is brewed here since the end of 13th century when Roman King Rudolf I. granted the town of Znojmo the brewing right and the right of one mile. In 1363, a head brewer Hostan appeared and his name became the symbol of Znojmo beer. After a few years of break, the production of beer came back in 2015 under the trademark Znojemské pivo, “Znojmo beer”, and straight to a place of the original brewery in outer bailey of Znojmo Castle. In its premises, you will also find newly opened Exposition of Brewing Industry with an original boiling house from 1930.


Pickles call Znojmo their home for more than 440 years and they brought worldwide fame to the town. Thanks to the abilities of Louka parishioners from the villages further down from Znojmo, a famed Znojmo Pickles originated by crossbreeding varieties from the Orient and it became a part of more than just the Czech cuisine. Even though today the gherkins are not grown as much as they were in the previous years, the tradition of their production has not vanished. Small local growers keep it alive, they process the gherkins and offer this tasty delicacy to its lovers alongside the local restaurants. Pickles stand out mainly during one local annually held event Cucumber Fest in August.


Znojmo, a second largest town of South Moravia, is a unique historical place with impressive location above the river Dyje. The first written note about Znojmo comes from 11th century and in 1226 it was promoted to royal town by Ottokar I of Bohemia. The history can be felt in every step you take through the town. The burgher houses and palaces in the whole town conservation area, which was declared here in 1971, form a copybook of every architectural style. In Znojmo, you will also find two national cultural landmarks: St. Catherine’s Rotunda and Louka Monastery.


The town of Znojmo together with National Park Podyjí creates unique connection of city urbanism and wild and untouched nature. Podyjí is the richest large protected area in terms of species in the Czech Republic. The park is accessible by marked tourist and cycling trails, it will offer you breath-taking sceneries and views of beauties of Znojmo region. The river Dyje itself is becoming more and more popular with the paddlers because it is navigable all the way to Nové Mlýny Reservoirs thanks to the built slides on its watercourse. Its difficulty makes it suitable for beginners and families with children.

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