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Current weather

Weather today:

20. 8. 2019


Day temperatures 21/25°C, around 1000m 15°C.
Night temperatures /°C.




Price for depositing items:


Regular hand luggage

20 CZK per each pending day

Mass deposit for school tours with supervisors 30 CZK.


Depositing items:

We accept easily moveable items that cannot cause injury, staining or cause damages to persons or furnishings or other deposited items up to 15 kg/ item. If capacity allows, we also accept prams and the like. We do not accept bicycles.

In case the checkroom capacity is full, or it is technically impossible, our employee may refuse to accept further items into deposit.

A deposit slip in the form of a paragon serves as a document of accepting an item into deposit. The depositor is obliged, when taking the deposit slip, to verify if the data on it is correct. Later claims will not be taken into account. The depositor must, in his/her own interest, prevent damage or loss of the deposit slip.


Acceptance and handing out of deposited items:

Our employee accepts items into deposit and issues the depositor with a deposit slip in the form of a paragon, on which it states what kind of luggage was deposited, how many items and pricer per item and total. The depositor pays this sum in advance. The employee hands the deposited item back to the depositor upon being presented with the deposit slip, and upon payment of any unpaid balance. The issuing employee is not obliged to check, whether the person presenting the deposit slip is authorised to take over the deposited item.

Checkroom opening hours:
It is the same as the town hall tower openin hours. Luggage or items may be deposited for a maximum period of one year since their depositing. After this period elapses, the items left behind may be sent to the address of the depositor on the deposit slip at the expense of the depositor.

In case the deposited item shows signs that its contents might be spoiling, its contents (or part) that are subject to spoiling may be removed and liquidated after 48 hours at the expense of the depositor.

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