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Weather today:

22. 8. 2019


Day temperatures 22/26°C, around 1000m 9°C.
Night temperatures /°C.





- After payment of the entrance fee a visitor obtains a ticket (the leader of a group a collective ticket). Visitors are obliged to keep their ticket for the whole time of the sightseeing, and to present it again on eventual request.

The ticket is valid for just one visit. Purchased tickets cannot be returned.

For any discount request it is necessary to present corresponding documents. Only one type of discount can be applied. The price list of entrance fees is displayed by the box office.

- We would like to warn tower visitors that visibility here is low; there are low ceilings in parts, uneven surface, stairs and narrow passages. The tower is not equipped with an elevator, one must take 162 stairs to the gallery at 56 m, the staircase is so narrow it is not possible for visitors to pass in both directions. In the upper part of the tower, the stair steps offer only 13 cm footing, the stairs are steep and narrow, so one must step sideways. Due to the passage being max. 40 cm wide, there is a threat of getting stuck between the beams in one place, where one can only pass sideways. Due to this it is not advisable for persons with movement or eyesight impairment to go up to the tower. Entry is allowed only with suitable individual accompaniment, guaranteeing that other visitors will be able to pass freely, this upon agreement with the staff of the box office.

We would like to warn that the tour of the top of the tower is also not suited for people that suffer from vertigo, claustrophobia or that are sensitive to drafts.

Please note there is a risk of children stumbling or falling.


- The tour of the tower is individual, there is no guide, commentary is provided in printed form at the box office, where it should be returned after the tour.


 - Children under 15 may enter only if accompanied by persons over 18 years of age. Parents or teachers-supervisors are responsible for the good behaviour of minors.


-  Persons appearing to be drunk are not allowed entry.


-  No entry to dogs or other domestic animals.


- For reasons of security, the maximum permissible number of visitors is 40, if there are more people, they must abide by the instructions of the box office staff, there may be some waiting time.


- Note that emergency units react with a delay in the town hall tower due to its layout.

- Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the employees of the box office. In case of refusal to obey instructions or an order issued for the sake or safety of the visitors, security and fluent operation, a visitor may be expelled from the object without any compensation of the entrance fee. Besides that the visitor may be subject to punishment according to generally binding regulations.

It is forbidden

- To leave the determined route

- To disturb other visitors with noise

- To lean out of windows, spit, throw objects and yell

- To eat and drink

- To manipulate any of the safety, venting, lighting and other fixtures throughout the town hall tower

- To litter the premises of the town hall tower in any way

- To damage or endanger the building in any way, especially to write on or tag walls.


It is especially prohibited and subject to a penalty fee

- to smoke anywhere in the tower,

- to use open fire anywhere in the tower,


We would like to warn visitors that the premises are monitored by cameras!


The operator's liability for any damages incurred by visitors is governed by generally binding regulations.


Wishes, appraisals, comments and complaints of the visitors may be presented in writing to the box office. Besides that the visitor may contact to the operator of the institution orally, in writing or by phone.


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