The first Znojmo historical grape harvest took place as early as 1966. Its author and founder was František Koukal, whose scenario manages to combine both the glorious history of the royal town on the river Dyje and its preserved historical backdrop and viticulture tradition.

The central figure of the grape harvest is king John of Luxembourg, who came to Znojmo in 1327 to celebrate his successful negotiations in Wroclaw. The town prepared a splendid program for him, fragments of which, including the traditional handing-over of rights to the hands of councilmen, can be seen by visitors to this day.

So far the greatest and most successful ZHGH was held in 1967. Around 110 000 visitors came to see the original program with almost 600 performers. The tradition of the Znojmo historical grape harvest was interrupted by the communist regime in 1974 and it was not resumed until the 90ies of the last century.

Since then every year the harvest attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Znojmo, who come not only for the wine and half-fermented wine “Burčák”, but also for the excellent cultural program, which must always include the procession of king John of Luxembourg with wife and courtiers. 


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